Wednesday, May 2, 2007

personal day

Kevin and I enjoyed a personal day yesterday. I've never just taken a day off of work for no reason before, so it was weird to bum around while knowing that someone else was getting paid to do my job for me. We get one personal day a year at my school while Kevin gets three. I've always had to use my personal day to do something or go somewhere, and so it was nice to really have nothing to do except relax with my husband!

Our friends Dustin and Kelly had their baby girl on Friday, so we went to visit the new little one in the hospital on Saturday. We had lunch with our friends Nick and Julia on Sunday after church, and then Kevin and I bummed around and played golf that afternoon. It was still so beautiful Sunday evening that we also played tennis! We then ordered wings really late at night while staying up to watch some really dumb movie.

I awoke a few minutes before my normal 5:00 a.m. wake-up time yesterday morning, only to gladly realize that I didn't have to get up! I rolled back over and woke up a couple hours later. Kevin and I then stayed in bed and watched "The End of the Spear." I really wanted to see that movie, and it was good. We just bummed around that morning, went out to a nice lunch and shopping (all thanks to gift cards from students!), and then we relaxed the remainder of the day, even getting more support letters out and some of those things done. Our checklist of things we have to do/get done before we leave is immense!

My body is keenly aware of when I have to go back to school. I never sleep well on Sunday nights because I think about the week ahead and how much I have to get done, even though I make it a priority NOT to do any school work on Sunday. This Sunday, however, I had no such problem sleeping, but last night I slept terribly! I had a dream that I went in to my principal's office and told him that I quit because I couldn't take it anymore, even for the last 5 weeks. I was worried that was a sign of what my class would be like when I returned today, but I was super glad that was not the case! Things went smoothly.

Now we look forward to a short but sweet visit from my cousin Aimee and her husband Shane tomorrow night. Our school has grandparents day on Friday as well as our spring music program that night. It's one of the least favorite days of the year for all teachers, so I will be glad when that's all over. These next few weeks can't go by fast enough. I know that even now as I wish this, I know that these weeks will fly by and that they'll be gone and I will be wishing for just a few more moments for life to slow down before we pack up for our next adventure.

Still not a single person has come to look at our house. I try not to get discouraged about this, yet it's difficult not to at times. I am reminded daily that God has a perfect buyer out there and that he won't bring them until we can move. Well, either that or we're going to somehow raise extra support to keep the house while we're gone. Anyway, I try not to worry about it, and I am SO grateful for all of the prayers offered on our behalf. Thank you!

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Jenny said...

Hey Kris,
Your house will sell. God will open a door that is exceedingly and abundantly more that you could have thought of. I hope all your plans are going well. Aimee just told me how God has been blessing your support raising. YAY!
Love ya!