Friday, April 27, 2007

dwim or jwight?

So the last few days have been a bit frustrating...for various reasons but only one I'll share...

Nothing really happens in central Ohio, so the news people have to make big deals out of things to feel like they live in a place where there is so much to report. Last night's news:


The rest of the world announces the tornado warning, tells you where it is, and then tells you to seek shelter immediately, by the way, all while the sirens in your town are blaring to tell you the same thing.

So central Ohio feels they need to update us every 2 minutes on the progress of the storm. No one would believe the details they give for 25 minutes or so about where the storm is and where it is going. They will even go down to at least the street names and possibly the house numbers where they are hearing thunder, wind, etc. It is so ridiculously in depth that no one really cares, and they interrupt the shows to cover this every couple of minutes.

This really bothered me last night because it was the ONE night where I really wanted to watch my favorite television show... The Office. I was all excited because it was supposed to be new, and I saw a hilarious preview for it and couldn't wait. The few other teachers who watch it here were also so bummed that it wasn't on, so I felt justified for being upset since they were too.

Oh well. No damage was done and nothing happened even with the news coverage every 2 minutes (and coverage that lasted for 20-35 minutes each time they interrupted) about the tornado warning. I will be checking the website tomorrow for the full episode so that I can catch up.

But it was still frustrating!

My title refers to the question asked in the preview I saw. Jim dressed up like Dwight at work, and so they wanted to know if the two together should be call Dwim or Jwight. To me it just looks like spelling errors!


Mommee and Her Boys said...

Just so you know... Whenever there is ANY sort of weather warning, that's what ALL of Ohio does... And THEN nothing happens. It is really funny.

Jenny said...

I love you Kris! Sorry you couldn't see you show. I know that is sooo frustrating! Ben and I watch our TV shows through the computer.. and when the wireless isn't working... it sucks. a 45 min show turns into a 2 hour waiting production. heehee

Kristen said...

I love you, too, Jenny! I wish my show was available online to watch. I had to wait until someone on some website downloaded it on Saturday before I could watch it. It was well worth the wait though... SO FUNNY!