Saturday, May 19, 2007


The stress seemed to continue this week as we got word that my high school cousin has cancer. My mind cannot fathom the thoughts and emotions running through his head right now. My mind is so preoccupied with things going on and is now in constant prayer for him and his family, and I think that worrying about Hungary is really dumb. I realize that God cares about all of the details in all of our lives, but I do suddenly feel selfish for thinking of myself so much this week and the stress I was under.

But yet God is faithful. I did talk to Aimee last night, and she filled me in on the meeting that her brother and parents had with the oncologist. It seems that they are very hopeful right now that it is contained in the two areas (knee and spine) and will be able to be removed with surgery (including a bone transplant) and then chemotherapy. This was definitely good news as the first prognosis seemed much worse. We always pray at school for doctors to have wisdom to know what to say and do, and we praise God for their minds to understand so much. So again I thank God for gifting this specialist with the knowledge and wisdom she has, and I am grateful that things seem to be looking much better than originally thought.

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We're praying for him!