Thursday, April 19, 2007

sorry, we're out

I have experienced something here in Columbus that I have never experienced elsewhere. I'm sure it happens in other places, but it has happened to me FOUR times since I moved here three years ago.

"Sorry, we're out."

That's right, fast food restaurants being out of the food they serve. They're not just out of any food, but rather, they're out of the food that they are noted for serving.

Taco Bell -- [LONG PAUSE] "You know all of that stuff you ordered with meat...well, we're out of meat."

Panera Bread -- "Um, we're out of bread right now. You can order a soup or salad!"

Starbucks -- "Sorry, we're out of our coffee products. We have hot chocolate and tea if you'd like."

KFC -- "I don't think we have any chicken breasts right now. [She turns around.] Actually, we don't have any more chicken right now."

No one believes me when I tell them these things. The Taco Bell incident happened during the first week that we lived here while my parents were helping us move in. I thought my mom was going to wet her pants she was laughing so hard when they said this. It is now quite the family joke that we check before ordering to see if they have meat.

So is it just Columbus or does it happen just to me? I've never had that happen to me anywhere else but here. Maybe it's the combination of me in Columbus. I just don't know.


Mommee and Her Boys said...

Oh, no... It's not just you! It happens all of the time to me, as well. I don't understand it. I frequently buy potatoes from Wendy's and there has been at least two or three times, that I actually remember, when they've been out of the potatoes. Very sad.

Noel said...

Hey Kristen!! It's great to get your updates. I'm so very excited you guys are off to Hungary! In fact, if I had stayed in the admission office this year, I might have come to visit you guys (definitely a factor in my decision). But alas, I'm off to different avenues. Unless things change, I'll be off to grad school in Texas. Say hi to your hubby!

Love you guys!