Tuesday, April 24, 2007

his goodness

I was approached by one of the pastors' wives on Sunday who wanted to talk to me because she "just heard what happened and feels terrible." I had no idea what she was referring to, but after we talked for a bit, I was so grateful for her finding me and talking to me.

Kevin and I had an unfortunate experience with someone at the church when we were talking with him about our future plans for missions in Hungary next year. It really did not go well and things were said to us that shouldn't have been said. We really struggled with how to respond to this man, and it has been brought up many times in regards to our continued plans. We had explained to our mission agency, UWM, what had happened because they needed to understand, and they felt terrible for us and wanted to talk to our church about what happened, not just for our sake necessarily but for the past and future church body members who this might affect.

We really were debating on if we should say something to this man or not, but we felt so uncomfortable about it that we just didn't. Kevin really sought counsel from many wise Christian men and women about what to do, and in the meantime, God has taken this whole situation over for us, without us even having to go and say something!

So now the people in leadership know what happened and are coming to us to make things right. We know that what was said and done with that one person did not represent the thoughts and attitudes of the other church leaders, but unfortunately, this one person does represent the missions team of the church.

We are really excited to see that once again God has gone ahead of us and made a way. We are continually overwhelmed by his goodness, even when we don't recognize it as that. Thank you for your many prayers on our behalf!

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Anonymous said...

I don't know how anyone could be anything but completely and utterly excited for you. He must be "unique." ;-)

We so should all go out to dinner soon!!! Sounds like fun!!