Friday, April 6, 2007

good friday

"If the man does know he's going to die and dies anyway...dies willingly, knowing he could stop it, then...I mean, isn't that the type of man you want to keep alive?"

Kevin and I had watched a movie that had that interesting quote at the end, and I thought that it would be appropriate to share that today. Today is Good Friday, a day where much of the world reflects on Christ's death. Now hopefully Christians reflect on his death and resurrection more than just on this day because our life in him depends on the acts he did for us.

After watching the movie, we had a great conversation about this quote. Although this movie was in no way referring to Jesus Christ, it does say what he did. He knew he was going do die. He chose to die, even though he could have stopped it if he had wanted to. Yet he still did it. Fortunately for us he didn't stay dead. He is alive today!

So much of Hollywood rejects Christ, and yet this movie ended with a quote that talked about what he did for us. And their point, "Isn't the the type of man you want to keep alive?" I say yes, and he did rise from the dead after paying a penalty for our sins, not his own. So why do so many people reject him? He offers a free gift!

Have a blessed Easter weekend as we celebrate what Christ did on the cross for us and what his resurrection means for us!

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