Saturday, March 24, 2007

the car and 20%

This has been quite the weekend.

I took my car in to get some brake work done yesterday, and the guy called me this morning to tell me it would be ready in a couple of hours. He said he also wanted to let me know that I would be needing other work soon -- new tires. Kevin and I knew this, but also knowing that we're going to be moving this summer, our goal was to hold off on that. I asked the guy if it the car could make it on the current tires until this summer, and he said yes but that it wouldn't be as safe as having new tires. I told him that we were moving out of the country this summer so that's why we really didn't want to do it. He understood and asked where to, and when I told him Hungary, he started asking all sorts of questions. He wanted to know if we would be selling all of our stuff, including the car(s). I said that we were selling one for sure and not sure about mine. He wants me to call him if we decide to sell my car because if he can finance it, he might like to buy it from us, for himself not for his business. When I picked up the car, he was still so interested in why we were even going to Hungary, and I told him that I felt that God was calling us there. He wasn't quite sure about that but wished us the best of luck. Anyway, that was really neat!

And on another exciting note, although we don't have the full figure of how much support we have to raise, based upon tentative figures given to us, we have raised 20% of our support with only a few pledges and gifts! This has completely blown my mind away as I see God giving other people finances to help support us, and so it has been overwhelming to see a huge chunk of support come in, way above and beyond what we could ever think or imagine! There's that Ephesians 3:20 verse again!

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