Friday, March 16, 2007

subway movies

Just a fun thought...

I was watching the news as I was getting ready this morning, and they were talking about little "motion pictures" you could see in the subway of San Francisco (I think it was San Fran, but regardless, it was in CA). They put tons of posters on the wall and then as the train races by, it looks like a motion picture/flip book/movie. These are of course advertisements. Aren't we bombarded enough with those?! Anyway, they were saying that you might see some more pop up in various other subways. They showed what it looked like, and the people they interviewed said how cool it was.

Well, California isn't the first place to come up with this. They have those in Hungary! I remember riding one of the lines downtown and caught just the end of one of the ads playing. I thought that I must have been seeing things, so I later went back to that line to check it out. I wasn't dreaming! It was a little ad for mints or gum because I remember the pieces dancing around. Anyway, I rode that line many times just to see that little moving picture. It reminded me of a flip book. Maybe they'll have more when we get there this summer!

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rachelgrl4 said...

Cool!! If you again see dancing mints in Hungary, I will insist that you record it with your camera and post it for all of us to see. Ha ha