Wednesday, March 14, 2007

telling my students

It's been over a week already since I last posted anything. I really have had so much to write about, but as time goes by, those thoughts fade.

My job was officially posted on the school's website last week. That sparked many conversations with families I have grown to love while living here as they asked why I was leaving. A majority of the people I talked with were not surprised by this because they know of my love for Hungary. I decided I should let my students know of our plans, though, so that they would hear it directly from me and not from someone else. I hadn't planned on telling them until after spring break, as I saw no point to telling them sooner since I will still be their teacher the remainder of the year. I figured one or two students might feel saddened but it wouldn't really matter because I wouldn't be their teacher anyway next year.

Well, it was quite a tearful morning as I told them. When I asked them where they thought I might be moving, the first response was "Hungary!" So in a sense, they were not surprised by this news either. However, I was surprised at the tears shed by several of them. It broke my heart, and we cried together for a bit. I explained how both exciting and sad this was for "Mr. Yaiko and me," and I tried to explain my feelings on both sides. I showed them a few pictures of Hungary that I had not shared with them before, and I also showed them the school where I would be teaching. I think that helped make it a bit more real, but perhaps not. This is all still quite a dream and not yet a reality for me. I guess it shouldn't be for a few months? Anyway, I am teaching them a few Hungarian words here and there.

Jó éjszakát! (I believe it means "Good night!")

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