Thursday, January 24, 2013

to be (perfect) or not to be

Sometimes I read some articles or blog posts that really resonate with me, encourage me, and/or challenge me. Sally Clarkson is one who so often does that.

Her post today is rather long, but you can read it here if you want.

The one part she wrote that I wanted to highlight here is this:

"If moms expect perfection, then their children will want to run far from them. If women think God wants them to be perfect, they will always live in guilt and defeat or eventually want to quit their ideals, because there will be no joy."

I find myself these days surrounded in conversations regarding motherhood. Of course this is only natural considering the stage of life I'm in with so many others. :) But I often hear women talking about loneliness, fear, and guilt...either that they are experiencing or know of others who are.

And while I struggle with these too, I am learning that I have to choose to live in the truth and rest in my Savior. An older friend had recently been encouraging me to fix my mind on what is true (Philippians 4:8) and not to allow Satan to fill my mind with fear and guilt. He sure does love to do that! But Christ offers me truth and grace.

It's so much more pleasant and joyful to choose to live in Christ than to be a slave to the guilt and fear with which Satan so often entices me. If only I could easily choose that every time!

But Christ doesn't expect that perfection in me to get it right every time. Like I have said before, "not perfect, but increasing." :) Thanks be to my Savior who guides and loves me daily, despite all of my failures and imperfections!

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