Tuesday, June 5, 2012

still here

Well, I haven't blogged in quite awhile...a new first without blogging AT ALL in the month of May. Wow. Funny how when we first moved here so much was new and different and exciting and challenging and frustrating that I just had to write it down and share. And to be quite honest, it was a nice to escape into the cyber world. Now, life here is "normal," whatever that means. There are still things that happen that make me chuckle, make me smile, and the occasional thing that still aggravates me. But overall, there aren't too many surprises anymore. I guess after five years that's a good thing. Five years?! Where did the time go?

I do want to thank everyone for all of their prayers and words of encouragement to us in the last 6 weeks. Seriously, we have felt loved. I stayed away from email, blog reading, Facebook, etc. for awhile. And then I got behind on responding to people and got overwhelmed. So I have tried to write people back to thank them for their prayers and lovely emails and messages, but I just couldn't get to everyone. When I apologized to someone recently for taking so long to get back and tell them how much I appreciated their prayers, they responded by saying that they didn't expect me to write them back, that they just wanted me to know they were praying for us and grieving with us. And that got me thinking that I will often write people to let them know that I am thinking of them and praying about a certain thing for them and don't do it for a response, just letting them know because it's nice to know. Why do I put all of that pressure on myself when I don't expect it when I do it for someone else? I am trying to let these things go. I think people know my heart. Right?! :) I have really felt the Lord bring a peace and healing in my heart, even though the sadness will pop up for just one moment at a weird time here or there. He has brought some opportunities to me for next year, and these things are stretching me. God is good.

I have also avoided blogging because I wanted to post pictures. Believe it or not I have taken quite a bunch (all with my phone camera since I usually have that on me), but our cord is yet again missing so I can't get the pictures off!!! (I don't have a smart phone or anything like that from which I can post them.) So pretend there are lots of cute pictures of Seth and Kate and a few random shots of things in Hungary that made me chuckle. Hopefully I will find that cord. It's not in "the spot" and I have looked everywhere. So frustrating.

Anyway, just saying hi and letting you all know that we are doing well. It's the last week of school...just two half days left of finals and then finished. Graduation is on Saturday morning. Kevin was asked to give the commencement address. Public speaking is his absolute favorite, so of course he immediately agreed. (Read with sarcasm.) But he is going to do it, and Seth and Kate were asked to walk the Bible down. Seth did it two years ago when he was Kate's age now and Kate was only 6 months old. Again, I ask, where did the time go?!

So school is wrapping up, we are going home for a short visit this summer, and I managed to decide that THIS week is the week to do any and all projects I had been putting off for months. Why do I do this to myself? Life is already hectic and busy at this time of year, and now I'm trying to squeeze in a couple of projects that always seem to require several more trips to the hardware store than anticipated...and even more so when you're doing it in a different language and therefore make more mistakes than normal. And of course I feel this need to have the house spic and span before we leave. The funny thing is that my mom would do this before taking our beach vacation every summer, and we would all be laughing at her for doing it because we were just going to be gone so why did it matter. And now I TOTALLY understand. Sorry, Mom, for all of those years we gave you a hard time about that. :)

I promise to post pictures whenever I find the camera cord. I did a major spring cleaning of this house and never found it, but I know it is somewhere. It didn't just walk off by itself. Ugh.

Until next time... Here are a few from Facebook from the Jr./Sr. banquet that Kevin and I were asked to chaperone. The theme was along the lines of "The End of the World" or something, hence the gas mask and guns pictures. :)

SO grateful for these four women in my life! They were all so encouraging and loving especially as this banquet was right after our miscarriage.

Despite pointed guns, we do LOVE Audrey. :)

One of my favorite comments on this picture on Facebook said that Kevin is making the "typical Asia face." Ha ha. So true!
P.S. You know it's been awhile since you blogged last because they have changed the look and layout of this whole thing since last time. I am a little confused and will have to learn some of these changes. Weird.

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