Monday, January 30, 2012

week in pictures

This post is of pictures all taken from last week...

(These were all taken on my phone, so I apologize for the poor quality. It's just that when we're out and about I usually have my phone on me and am enjoying being able to take pictures so quickly!)

We had quite the adventure last week trying to find this one store that said they had the size table cloth I was looking for. But alas, we could not find the store ANYWHERE! Kids were awesome and patient, but I had to take a picture of this store in the mall. I didn't go in, but it made me laugh.

The next day we went to a different place to see if they had the correct size table cloth. And no, they didn't. (You can tell that I really would like a table cloth!) But the kids had fun playing by the water fountain for awhile.

Seth enjoyed his csokis párna!

Then the kids got sick two days later, sick enough to require a doctor's appointment. Here they are walking with me to the gyógyszertár (pharmacy). It's right down the street from where we live. I love that we can walk to so many places. And the fresh air did them some good.

You can't tell in this picture, but that antibiotic in the bottle for Kate's sinus infection and bronchitis is filled only with powder. I had to do the mixing myself. I'm grateful for the woman at the pharmacy who explained to me what to do ahead of time. This time it was super easy!!!

Last time I needed antibiotics for the kids, I came home from the pharmacy and read the directions on what to do but was missing way too much and ended up having to call someone to help me translate it. I had to boil the water to a certain temperature, let it sit for a few minutes, and then measure out the exact amount to the tiniest milliliter. (Too much and it would dilute the medicine and too little and it would be too much medicine per dosage. AH!) Super grateful is was easy and straight forward this time. (And super grateful for the wonderful pharmacist woman who helped me!)

Kate's messy face after breakfast or morning snack or something. She loves to pose for the camera right now...and of course must see the picture afterwards. :)

Here we are walking to the pharmacy AGAIN the next day because they didn't have everything the day before. They had called me to say they had it the next morning and to come back. Seth is in his pajamas here, and Kate asked if she could push her baby in the stroller.

It is literally a 2 or 3 minute walk to the pharmacy, but Seth told me he was tired and needed to take a rest on this bench outside.

And every sweet old lady we passed in those few minutes on our walk commented to me just how precious my children are, how sweet and beautiful. I know a bunch of them were just tickled at Kate for pushing her baby. One in particular stopped to have a conversation, asked how old they were, asked Kate what her baby's name was, asked if they go to óvada (preschool/kindergarten), etc. I have said it many times before, but the Hungarians love on young moms and kids!

I am happy to say that Seth is doing SO much better now. Kate still has a pretty bad cough, but I think she is slowly getting better, too. Lots of late nights and some rounds of puking in there as usual. Wouldn't be a sick Yaiko child if there wasn't puke involved! (I did a search and realized that there are at least 11 posts in the last 18 months that mention puking/vomiting/throwing up. Yes, I'd say we deal with that a lot.) Plus we had a guest staying with us and a couple of team things. My kids have a knack for getting sick at just the right moment!

Looking up the Duna (Danube) as I cross the Szabadság híd (Liberty Bridge), you can see the Erzsébet híd (Elisabeth Bridge) in white with Budai Vár (Castle hill) just beyond in the center of the picture.

After several long nights (a total of 7 hours sleep in three days), Kevin decided to bless me immensely by getting up with the kids on Saturday morning and letting me continue to sleep. I slept in until 9:30! I think the last time I did that was maybe a decade ago? He also let me get out of the house for awhile. Time to chat with a dear friend did the soul some good. :)

And finally, looking at Gellért Hegy (Gellért Hill) while still walking across the bridge. It is to the south of Castle Hill. It is on this hill that Kevin proposed to me in 2002. :)


Doug said...

Thanks for the pictures. I see you got one in of your mother's favorite church! Love you all! Dad

Jessica Heights said...

Yikes! I'm sorry to hear that the kids were sick. I hope they feel better soon!