Saturday, November 26, 2011

seth turns 4

Another post in the same month?! Wow!

Today was Seth's 4th birthday. Where did the time go?! I was looking at pictures of him from last year on his birthday, and he looks SO much older now. *sniff sniff*

First present in the morning...two camels "from" Kate.

We gave Seth the choice of breakfast...out to McDonald's (something we've only done two or three times here) or Pékség. He chose the latter, which means we can all eat there for less than a total of $5 and have fully tummies. :) It's the pogácsa. But he chose a meggyes rétes (a kind of cherry strudel) this time and was thrilled.

All ready to go downtown!

We also went downtown to the Budapest Christmas markets at Vörösmarty tér today. They seem to be better organized this year, and it was less crowded...still lots of craft stalls and some artisans (a glass maker, a blacksmith, etc.) but the food was arranged better in the center with good seating as well. At first it looked like there were less things there because it wasn't as crowded, but in actuality, it was just better organized with more space for moving, which is essential with all of the tourists that come. Guaranteed place to hear English and meet other Americans here on holiday. Funny how in a massive crowd your ears can pick up what it knows and understands. :)

The lollipops at Sugar, which he was excited about despite the look on his face :)

Seth had asked if he could get one of those big special lollipops there that they always have, and we told him that he could since it was his birthday. We looked at every single stall and couldn't find them. Then Kevin suggested that we go to Sugar because they have them there...since it is his birthday and all. Seth was amazingly patient amidst his excitement to go to a big candy store. And he got his lollipop, but not before dropping it and breaking it! Kate had to get one too, of course, and she dropped hers just seconds away from getting into the car...and hers completely shattered. Oh well. They were still thrilled with the lollipops and had a wonderful day downtown.

Super cool bathroom at Sugar!

Tuckered out I guess! Actually, we didn't think he would sleep because he was so excited to open presents, but we needed him upstairs to finish a few things. So we told him he could play, and 20 minutes later when we went up to get him, he was out cold! (And just look at those gorgeous lashes!)

Back home to rest before dinner and cake and Skype calls with both sets of grandparents...and onto present opening. I know he was so excited about this part. He loved everything (although he was less enthusiastic about clothes this year than last year) and stated, "This was the best birthday ever!" And while eating cake and ice cream, he asked how many birthdays we get every year. :)

We will be having a birthday "party" next weekend. I have talked to pretty much everyone about it, although official invitations haven't gone out. Hard to settle on a time because at this stage in life, there is some kid sleeping at any given time in the day...and we don't want to exclude our friends. Seth made his list though and is excited to have his first official birthday party next weekend, which will have a pirate theme. We aren't doing the present thing though, so it'll just be more of a come and eat and sing to our kid kind of thing. ;)

And just a couple more pictures before finishing...

Seth wanted a chocolate cake with frosting, sprinkles, and m&m's. I added the giraffe because anyone who knows Seth (or even meets him for 5 minutes) knows that he LOVES LOVES LOVES animals. I was kind of disappointed with how the giraffe did not turn out like I had hoped, but he knew what it was right away. So it all worked out. ;)

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Julie said...

Can't believe how big he is! They grow up so fast. It was great seeing you this summer and finally meeting your kiddos!