Sunday, July 24, 2011

adding to the list

Add to the list from the other day:

Kate and I both got stung.
I caught the hair dryer on fire.
Kate fell in a ditch.

Still not sure how that last one happened exactly, but she survived without any scars. (At least not any physical scars, maybe just some emotional ones!) Kevin's two best buds from high school came over the other night with their wives and children. We all went over to the barn to see the horses, and on the way back to the house, Seth wanted to show everyone how he could go through the fence without opening the gate. So we all turned back to watch...and next thing I know, Kate is crying and in the mud in the ditch. I don't know if she turned around to look, too, and just fell in on accident because she wasn't looking ahead... But she was fine. We all were just wondering how it happened since none of us saw it!

And the bugs certainly love her. She had some (what we assume were) spider bites several weeks ago that blistered and got nasty as she picked at a few of them. But they are all nicely healed now. Then the mosquitoes get her every chance they can. And now these little sweat bees stung her at the pool the other day. I got stung the following day, and they aren't super painful or anything. But they do sting a little bit and obviously scared Kate. The sting marks got huge and swollen on her, enough that the life guard called us over because she could see them on her when she was in the pool. But by lunch time, she was fine. She must be sweet or something since these bugs like to get her! Poor thing!

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Stefanie Schocke said...

Poor girl! Glad she is okay!