Wednesday, May 18, 2011

there's no place like home

I love coupons. I love free stuff. I love Target. I love shopping here.

We've been running to some store just about every day. SO fun! I have been to Target 4 times in the past week. My parents have an awesome Super Target. I love just walking up and down the aisles. :)

I have a new favorite cereal. Years ago I would have died at the price of it ($4.00), but now, not so much. Cereal is super expensive in Hungary. (Don't worry, Kevin, I haven't bought any...yet.) And today I found a coupon for it for $1 off. Seriously, coupons, you are my best friend.

Seth and Kate have been amazing. They are sleeping well and playing so much. They have been troopers going into stores. (It helps that Grandma is thrilled to have them here and bought them a new toy here and there!)

Seth has also been saying the funniest things, or rather he notices differences between here and Hungary. He was only 19 months old last time we were here (Kate just turned 18 months old this week!), so he didn't have a clue about anything. Now he does.

A few favorites...
Trying to figure out the dryer: "
Grandma doesn't hang her clothes up outside like we do at our house?!"
"Grandma sure does have a LOT of snacks at her house."
"Why can't we ever walk to the store?"

It's funny how normal it is to be back and yet still different at the same time. Seth is mainly disappointed that we have to drive everywhere here. When we went to Hobby Lobby earlier today, he did ask what kind of store it was. After realizing it wasn't clothes, he told me that I should go buy myself some new clothes. I told him that I'd tell Daddy. :)

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Leah said...

I love it! Can't wait to hear more...and hear his little voice :) The girls will have so much fun together in a couple months! btw...I'm a huggies/pampers girl, but I've switched Eden to Target diapers, love love them...she does better with those than any other kind. On your next trip save a few bucks and try them! (well if you'd like, ;)