Thursday, February 10, 2011

who's gonna win this thing tonight?

Crazy Coach Carl makes a repeat appearance...via music the pep rally at school today.


That video won't mean anything to you who aren't a part of ICSB, but that's pretty special around here. Brandon (Crazy Coach Carl) and his wife Melissa were at the school last year, and he helped Kevin with the varsity boys basketball. He did this character during the pep rally last year, and the kids loved it. They moved back to the States after a year here, and so as a special surprise for the kids, he made this music video for them. And it was played at the pep rally this afternoon. They all loved it.

He talks about each one of the boy basketball players in the song, too. Apparently Kevin helped him with stuff in the song for boys who are new on the team this year that he didn't know. Anyway, it surely made us laugh. Fun fun!

And if you listen, you can hear Brandon give a little shout out to Kevin in there as another coach K of course. ;)

Oh, and the guys won their first game of the tournament tonight. Yeah!


(By the way, if you say "Who let the dogs out?" to Kate, she will do her little bark sound. ADORABLE!)

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Kelly said...

Okay that took some serious time to make! So funny!!