Wednesday, January 5, 2011

who are my friends?

I was going to go to bed an hour ago but then decided to get on Facebook really fast because I hadn't been on all day. Bad idea. Note to self: Do NOT get on there when I need/should go to bed.

But I did have to get on there to send my brother a sarcastic comment about OSU winning their bowl game last night. He's pretty bitter about that. (Love you, bud!)

Then I was thinking about a status update, not that those are necessary but always fun to read through the ones that people I love write. But everything I was going to say had to do with Seth. And then I couldn't pick just one thing, so I thought that I should blog. And now bedtime is being even further delayed.

Things Seth has said in the last couple days that make me laugh/smile/want to pause this time forever:

[School started back up yesterday, so Kevin is no longer home and Seth didn't realize that's why he wasn't home until later in the morning.]
Seth: "He leave me?!"
Me: "No, he didn't leave you. He just had to go back to school because break is over."
Seth: "I love him...And after my nap, then he will come home? I will tell him that I love him."
[Hours later Kevin comes home.]
Me: "Seth, did you tell Dad what you wanted to tell him?"
Seth, yelling: "I love you, Dad."
Me: "He's upstairs changing his clothes and can't here you, buddy."
[Seth runs upstairs. Kevin returns laughing.]
Me: "Did Seth tell you what he wanted to tell you?"
Kevin: "That he loves me? Yah. 'I love you, Dad, but not when you leave me.'"

[Tonight during prayer time at bed.]
Me: "...And thank you, Jesus, for our family, our friends, and our supporters."
Seth: "Thank you, Jesus, for our family, our friends...Wait, Mom, who are MY friends?"
Me: "Is Ethan your friend?"
Seth: "Yes! Ethan is my friend."
Me: "Is Kate your friend?"
Seth: "No, Kate's not my friend. She lives in my house."
Me: "Is Quentin your friend?"
Seth: "Yes! Quentin is my friend. He lives in his house."

Apparently you can't be friends with people who live in the same house as you. ;) A few other names were mentioned as well, but I won't bore you with the rest of that.

And 11 minutes later, I am now headed to bed. Jó éjszakát! Goodnight!


Julie said...

love that! So sweet, I just got done writing a paper and need to go to bed, it is 1...ugh

Magyar Journey said...

Quite the character!! :) Praying for y'all still!

Stefanie Schocke said...

What?! After the longest phone conversation he's ever had in his life I didn't get mentioned?!

leah said...

I really miss you and don't get around to actually calling until late, and so it's reallly late for you....I love reading things that Seth says, soo funny! I needed a Yaiko family fix, glad I got caught up on your blog!

Golden Flamingos said...

*laughs* GOSH, this was adorable. Especially the end part. ^__~ I might have to re-evaluate my friendship list. ;)

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- Karla