Wednesday, November 10, 2010

i want to remember these moments...and not others

Seth woke up with a horrible croup-sounding cough...again...for the 100th time. But he was fine all day, like he always is when he starts to sound like this. And if history repeats itself, he won't have that sort of cough tomorrow. The poor kid!

But after he coughed this morning, he told me,

"It makes Jesus happy when I cough!"

"I think it makes Jesus sad, buddy, because he doesn't like it that you are sick."

"But Jesus loves me."

"He certainly does."

"And Mom loves me. Dad loves me. Kate loves me. Everyone loves me."

"Yes we all do, buddy."

(And yes, I call him "buddy" a lot.)

And later in the day when Seth was "writing letters" and I was writing something myself...

"Great job on writing your letters, Seth!"

(Long pause as he continues to work and then stops to look at mine)

"Mommy, I love the way you are doing your letters and things. Great job."

He was all about the manners today and saying "excuse me" when he tooted (which had to be a record number of times today...what did he eat?!) and telling me that we don't talk with food in our mouth. He liked to demonstrate that to me a lot as well. And he thanked me countless times when we were building with Lego's. He was the sweetest kid.

I am choosing to make this sort of day a part of my permanent memory because we've had so many days of wild temper tantrums about who knows what sprinkled in there as well.

And Kate was grumpy the last few days. That is not like her. She is so happy almost always. And then today I noticed that SIX new teeth popped through. I counted four earlier this morning and noticed two more tonight. Poor thing! But since they poked through, she has been her usual happy, playful self today. Glad to have her back. :)


Stefanie Schocke said...

Love days like that, too!

Muthering Heights said...

He sounds like such a cutie!