Thursday, October 7, 2010

this and that

This week is flying by. It could be due in part to Kevin being home for two days because he was sick. He never stays home when he's sick (like a vast majority of teachers) because it's more work to miss than to go in sick. So I knew he wasn't feeling well when he stayed home TWO whole days. Getting the extra rest early on instead of letting it get worse seemed to do the trick. He is feeling a lot better. But now my days are all messed up since he was home. :)

Hungary rarely makes it into the news, I mean the US news. But since Monday I have seen and read dozens of stories on the toxic sludge that broke through the reservoir in southwest Hungary. So sad. Have you seen the pictures? Yahoo's story had a bunch of pictures at the end. My heart aches for these people.

The value of the dollar has dropped significantly in the last 2-3 weeks. That always causes extra stress. We pay rent in dollars at our new place though. Can I just say how wonderful that is?! My stress level has drastically reduced. It's still not a good thing that the dollar has dropped so much, so fast, but I am not freaking out. Thank you, Jesus!

My parents come in 9 days...but who's counting?! ;) I am super excited. Seth whispered to me the other day, "I am excited, Mom!" Kevin joked with him about Kevin and I taking a trip and that Grandma and Grandpa D would stay here with him and Kate while we went. Of course he was kidding, but now every time word is mentioned about them coming, Seth reminds us, "You're not going anywhere!" I have assured him countless times that we are not.

Seth is especially excited because he is going to get m&m's. Grandma D=m&m's in Seth's mind. Great Grandma D (my grandmother) sent us a package that we got on Tuesday, and when I told Seth who it was from, he said, "Oh, there will me m&m's in there." He doesn't understand the difference between a grandma and a great grandma, which is okay. But it cracks me up because most anytime my mom's name is mentioned in conversation, Seth mentions m&m's.

Several people have asked me in the last few days if we have gotten our date nights all planned out while my parents are here. "Free babysitting!" everyone says. I have told everyone that no, we have not planned any such date night because I want to spend as much time WITH them while they are here. One woman's response to this was, "Really?" Um, YES! Maybe my parents are just way cooler than their parents. ;)

If I ever mention that I am looking for something (other than a food product), just remind me to go to Praktiker. Seriously, that store, which is a home improvement store, has everything. I went there the other day to get some paint (to finish the free table I got out of the trash), and I found several things I have been looking for the last few months, including the most delicious strawberries ever. There were several other things I found there that I have been thinking about but didn't buy that day, too. Oh happy day!

I continue to realize as our time in Hungary grows that my personality isn't the same as most people here. I'm not saying one type is good and the other is bad. I'm just saying that I am different. Various conversations have led me to wonder how we even got here. I'm not discrediting the Lord's work in our hearts over the years. I know it is because of HIM. I respond to situations differently, and I think differently about various topics. Again, I'm not saying that one is better than the other, just different. I find myself asking Kevin a lot if I'm weird for thinking one way about something or asking my mom if I am out in left field for feeling this way or that. Granted, Kevin chose to marry me and I am exactly like my mother, so maybe they just don't see it. ;) But I feel like this more and more often now. Keep praying for us as we seek the Lord and decide what to do about the future.


Stefanie Schocke said...

You are very weird! Does that make you feel better!? ;)

Muthering Heights said...

We don't tend to go out when my parents visit either...why have guests if you don't spend time with them?

Doug said...

Of course the dollar is slipping - we are coming!

Bjorn and Trisha Olsen said...

I'm praying for you friend!