Wednesday, October 27, 2010

it gets more difficult

One would think that the longer you live away from home the easier it would get to be away from home. And except for summers while in college, I haven't lived at home in almost 12 years. But every time I say goodbye to my parents, it gets more difficult.

The time with my parents was wonderful of course. I blinked, and it was over. Nothing like the comfort of having Mom and Dad around, even in a foreign country! We ate out half the time, and I cooked the other half. And they still did the dishes, even though it was vacation for them.

My dad gets the prize though for cleaning up puke. Seriously, my kids got sick while they were here. They started with runny noses several days before my parents came, but they were pretty cleared up by the time my parents got here. And then Friday, it all happened. For some odd reason, Seth pukes every time he gets a cold. Too much phlegm, and that's how he deals with it. My mom and I had gone out to get a few things while the kids were napping, and no sooner had we left then Seth puked all over his bed. My dad was the only one home and took care of it all. We owe you big time, Dad! (Although I wish that was the end of it, it was not. The next 24 hours were horrible with much puking and not enough sleep.)

As a result of sick and tired kiddos, we didn't go downtown as much as we had planned. That was a big bummer. Of course my parents understood, but I still felt bad. We did celebrate both kids' birthdays a month early. Seth is at that fun age where he gets that birthdays mean cake and presents. SO fun! And since Kate doesn't get it nor does she care, Seth got to open all of her presents, too. We told him that next month he gets to do it all over again for both of their birthdays and then again in December at Christmas. Seth is also thoroughly enjoying playing with all of Kate's girly toys, and we will make sure to remind him of this at an older age when he will be embarrassed. :) I have had to ask him several times in the last few days to allow his sister to play with her pink purse and not to take it away from her when she is playing with it. Kate is such a doll and doesn't mind though!

I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I had wanted or intended to. But I did get some. Here are a few, mainly for my sister who has been complaining about my lack of pictures. :)

We just did a simple sheet cake for Seth's birthday night. He wanted the m&m's, so after cutting him a piece, he grabbed the knife and went straight for the middle.

In an attempt to keep the kids warm in these cool temps, I have been putting tights on Kate under her pants and socks over those. She looks like an 80's aerobics instructor.

This picture of Seth and my dad makes me smile. :)

On Kate's birthday night, she was enthralled with all of the tissue paper and wrapping paper, but she loved the ribbon the most.

Last night with both of them wearing new pajamas!

And here are some from my dad's iPhone that he took...

Seth rode one of those mechanical ride things at the mall once because it was broken and was moving all on its own without any money in it. Ever since, he asks to ride one every single time. And we have jokingly told him every single time that he can ask his grandparents in the summer because that's a good grandparent thing. Sure enough, he remembered that all on his own, and my parents paid for him to ride several of these while we were out and about. :) This particular one was a double one, and so we stuck Kate in there. She loved it, too!

Showing Grandma and Grandpa how he pulls his little sister around...and Kate shoving her face with crackers. That girl would eat her weight in crackers every day if I let her.

Seth with Saint someone outside of the little yellow church that is across the street from us. (By the way, my parents went to walk around downtown Diósd while I was putting Kate down for a nap, and Seth wanted to go with them. I made sure he realized that I wasn't going and assumed he would change his mind...or scream and cry once they went out the door. But NO! He went out on a walk with my parents without me. Maybe he has finally figured it out!)

Kate let Grandma hold her quite a bit. That made everyone happy. :)

And just because this was in the folder of pics my dad downloaded onto our computer...

That would be my sister and brother in-law during the Chicago marathon at mile 11...looking as happy as could be. It's sick I tell you. Oh, and this is her 22 weeks pregnant. Again, sick. :)


Kristin said...

I love the pics! Especially the one of your dad and Seth and your mom with Kate! And I totally agree that it is sick that two people could look so happy while running! :)

Doug said...

It was a great time and there was no problem taking care of my sick little guy...

Stefanie Schocke said...

Thanks for the pictures!!!!! Love my little 80s aerobic instructor. That should be her Halloween costume! I like the one of Dad and Seth too.

Thanks for the shout out! We didn't look like that at mile 23 :)

Michelle and Justin said...

I know you had a great time with your parents, Kristen. (And I really appreciate you letting me and William "pop in" one morning.) So sorry that Seth got sick. Hope they are both feeling better. Love the pics, and I am just amazed at your sister!

Jenny said...

I'm so glad your parents had a chance to come for a visit and that you all had a good time. I know that feeling of missing them and having a hard time saying goodbye. It's heart wrenching most times.

Hope the kiddos are feeling better. Do you have another visit planned? That always helped me to have antother time to look forward to, even if it was 6mos - a year away.

Love ya girly. :)