Thursday, July 29, 2010

in the last 24 hours...

Seth has told me that he loves the following things:

chocolate ("Oh Mom, I just love chocolate!")

downtown (referring to going downtown Budapest)

John and Allie (fellow UWM teammates)



Yes, my kid apparently loves IKEA. And I really don't shop there often. I like to just look around, but I think I have been there twice in the last few months, and it's only 15 minutes away from here. We went there today to get a few boxes for storing clothes. Organization makes me happy. :)

I went to look at another house for rent this morning. To give you an idea of what it was like, let's just say that I still smelled after being OUT of that house for over an hour. *Shudder.* My favorite part of the tour was being glad that they were going to remodel the bathroom but then realizing later on that there was another even more gross bathroom that needed to be remodeled. And when we asked the rent price, I nearly choked, not because the rent itself was super high but because no one is going to pay that for that house. These people have their work cut out for them! They should start by opening the windows for the next few months.

As we were leaving that house, though, Ildiko (one of the Hungarian women at the school who helps us with just about everything!) told me that she just got an ad for another place for rent in Diosd that might work for us. We called this couple, and we went to see their house tonight. It was much nicer than we had anticipated, which was a positive, but she is going to have to talk to her husband about the possibility of a 10 month lease. That's the kicker for us. We're pretty excited about the location and the reasonable rent (barely more than what the gross house wanted! and less than what we pay now). It is a two story house, which is fine, but the stairs are tile and the railing is a definite danger for my kiddos. But there is plenty of room for them to play downstairs, so it would be fine.

Every house's kitchen is a definite downgrade from the one I have now, so that's a bummer. Oh well. I have had one super sweet kitchen the past year, and I am grateful! Kevin reminded me of what the kitchen was like at our last place to keep it all in perspective. Anything is an upgrade from that one!

We are supposed to call them back tomorrow to see what they say about a shorter lease, and then we have to make a decision. I hate making those. :) I am so grateful that we have options though. It seems to be hit or miss with those around here. There are plenty of options some years and very few the next. All of our options are cheaper than our current one though, so that is great!

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Julie said...

praying for you. So sorry you have to go through this again... bummer! HUGS and cannot wait to see you next week, when do you want to connect, my schedule is filling up :)