Saturday, May 22, 2010

home alone

Kevin left for Cyprus just a short bit ago. He is one of the chaperons for the senior class trip. Wish I could have gone too. Dumb kids. ;) I know he'll have a good time, and I look forward to hearing about it when he returns NEXT SUNDAY! If you think of me, pray for me. It could be a really good week or a long and difficult week. I am obviously praying for the former. Audrey is going to help keep me company when she can. "Uncle Audrey" is part of our family after all.

Several families have told me to call if I need anything or whatever. Unless I am in some sort of emergency, I probably won't because that's just not me. It's not wrong to ask for help or anything, but I don't like to do that. I always feel like I am inconveniencing someone, even though being in opposite situations I wouldn't feel that way if someone asked me. I am weird like that. :) Kevin told me countless times that I should really take a few people up on their offers. Maybe towards the end of the week I'll be feeling differently. Seth is going to need some serious rough housing and wrestle time with Kevin gone. He will be bouncing off the walls and driving his sister crazy!

Onto a few pics from today...

I LOVE this swimsuit. Just got it in a package yesterday. ADORABLE! Kate seemed to like it as well.

Seth got new sunglasses in the package, too. He says, "Look, Mom! New outside glasses!!" Not sure why he calls them that.

And for some odd reason, Seth thinks that you can't look through sunglasses or something. He is always trying to look over or under them. He cracks me up.

And Seth informed us this afternoon that he doesn't have hair under his arms or on his nipples. Yep, the two and a half year old doesn't have hairy armpits OR hairy nipples. Yowzers. He makes me smile!


Julie said...

Haha! I love reading about your cute little kiddos. Kate is adorable in that bathing suit. Love the smile!

I'll pray for you as you're home alone this week. Life is hard with two kids by yourself!

Kevin said...

Thanks for blogging. I enjoyed reading it in the airport.

Stefanie said...

Look at those rolls!! Love them!

Doug said...

You don't wear sunglasses inside! That's why he calls them outside glasses! He's a smart boy! Grandpa understands!

Kristin said...

Kristen, I will be praying that God gives you your "daily bread" each day this week without Kevin. It is the way I get through most days, asking God to supply exactly what I need!

And as for asking for help, I understand it not being part of your nature, it is not part of mine. Don't think of it as you being a burden, think of it as you allowing them to be the blessing God wants them to be.

I hope that you find some peace and rest in this week ahead!