Friday, April 23, 2010


We had about 16 high school guys over tonight from the boys varsity basketball team that Kevin coached this year. (By the way, they took 1st place in BOTH tournaments this year! Very exciting!) It was an end of season get together, and Kevin cooked 9 pizzas for the guys. He is the pizza man around these parts, so they are excited every year for him to make pizzas. Kevin cooks pizza just about every Sunday night for our family. We LOVE our stone. Makes all the difference in the world. But when making nine pizzas, not possible to use the stone. They still turned out great, and we even had several leftover slices! (And thanks so several neighbors who let us use their ovens so that we could have a bunch of pizzas cooking at once!) The guys watched basketball, played some ping pong, and headed to the gym at school to play some ball at the end. I think they had a fine time. Seth certainly loved having the guys over and made himself at home, jumping and picking on several of them and whatnot. These guys are exceptional at playing with him and just humoring him, which he loves. I appreciate it so much!

I have to say that the evening went smoothly. Perhaps I had little to no expectations after having the entire senior class over this fall and just being so disappointed in their behavior, attitude, and lack of gratitude and respect. Tonight was great though! Thankful. :)

And super grateful for this house and being able to host the party here this year! We've had it the last two years at a family's house because we didn't have room at our old place. We have been able to have so many people over this year and host a lot of large gatherings. We are so grateful for the Lord providing us with this house to rent!

I shredded close to five pounds of mozzarella for tonight!

While Kevin played ball, we got to Skype with both sets of grandparents! My parents were at Kevin's parents' house on their way back from visiting my grandma in NY and headed home to Chicago, stopping at my other grandparents' house in OH. Fun!

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Julie said...

okay you need to invite me over for this amazing pizza you keep talking about. Seriously!