Thursday, April 8, 2010

more from seth

Seth just makes me laugh every day. His language just grows at exponential rates, and his sentences are growing too. He is using article and prepositions. And he asks a ton of questions. He's not at the "why" stage yet, but he asks about everything else. I love it!

Today Seth told me "I have a big head!" after struggling to pull a shirt over it. He just made me laugh.

And nothing gets by him either. As some of you know, I decided several months ago that I was going to do a kind of cupcake theme in Kate's room. I have a wall where I want to put up pictures of cupcakes in white frames. I can't afford to buy all the frames at once, and quite frankly, I haven't seen many that I like. Then IKEA just got a bunch of new ones in. I could afford one, so I bought it. Right now it is sitting on Kate's dresser until I get them all done so that I can arrange them and get Zsolt's drill to do it all at once. (Life would be so much easier in regards to hanging things on walls if they were made of drywall here!) Anyway, Seth walked into the room the other day and said, "You got a new one!" I have one hanging on the wall currently where there already was a screw in the wall, and Seth told me that I need to put some more on the wall. Ha!


Stefanie said...

Daniel recognized when mom got something new. They definitely don't take after their grandpa!

Anonymous said...
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Doug said...

I resemble that statement! Grandpa