Wednesday, March 10, 2010

true happiness

Kevin wanted to play volleyball at school tonight, so the kids and I tagged along, knowing that we'd get there towards the end of English class so that we could say hello. I have missed that connection with Hungarians every week, but there would have been no way that I could have done it this year. On top of trying to nurse a new baby and not living across the street (which made things much easier and faster), Kevin had basketball practice every week during that time. So it's good I didn't teach. Would have been too stressful, but I did miss it.

I wanted to say hello to a few favorites of mine. I received an email yesterday from one past "student" and I was hoping to say hello. I have stopped by several times this year but have managed to come on nights where my favorites were not there! Isn't that the way life works? Anyway, everyone I wanted to see except for Zsolt had already left. Bummer. I was so touched by this email and amazed that Zoli even did it. The first year he didn't speak a word of English, and his wife translated everything for him. The second year his wife didn't come, but he grew leaps and bounds. We had so much fun joking around. It is great to see that development. That email was the encouragement I needed after a winter spent inside where I felt like I didn't do a thing. Yes, I know being a mom is an important job, but it did get quite lonely. And, I still felt like I wasn't doing anything in terms of "ministry." But Zoli's email made my day. Trying to figure out how to connect more with him and his wife now...

But we saw Zsolt. Seth loves him. Zsolt loves Seth. It is precious. Seth remembers everything Zsolt does for him. We were in the grocery store, and they had candy out in the shape of eggs for Easter. Seth's first thought: "Zsolt buy candy for Seth." Yes, Zsolt made sure that Seth got candy from Szent Miklós on December 6 as well as other treats here and there. When discussing his big boy bed, Seth will always let people know that "Zsolt get big boy bed for Seth." Yes, Zsolt helped us get it at the store. Like I said, it's just precious. :)

So Zsolt sees us and checks that this weekend is the last of basketball, and I tell him that it is. He said, "So we can make plans next week?" I tell him to pick the day because once Kevin gets back from Salzburg this weekend, we are done with basketball! I think he has missed seeing us. "Kristen, I have so many stories to tell." We used to see each other at least twice a week last year, and now it's more like once or twice a month. I look forward to spending more time with him!

There has been a lot going on in his life, and my heart hurts for him. He is so sad right now, although he said he is doing better now than a month ago. His mother has her third round of chemotherapy tomorrow, and she has not been sick yet from the other two rounds. They checked her largest tumor and it has shrunk, so they are very encouraged by this. Praise the Lord! She will have surgery in May, followed by more chemotherapy. But it looks to be working!

We had an interesting conversation about finding happiness, which is what he is looking for. I told him that you can't find true happiness in some person or relationship, which is where he keeps looking. "Yes, but you and Kevin always have this happiness." It was hard to explain what I wanted to say in a way he would understand, and then we were interrupted by a flying ball and Seth needing something. Ugh! I look forward to having him over for dinner next week and chatting more. The Lord is opening up doors, and Zsolt seems eager to hang out with us and talk. We covet your prayers as always.

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