Thursday, February 4, 2010

so much snow

We got a foot of snow over the weekend! It was the most snow that a majority of people even remember ever happening here. Crazy! It happened on Saturday, which of course meant no snow day. Bummer. We had the Senior auction on Saturday night, and we weren't sure if people would come out for it because of all the snow. But we had a good turn out, and the senior class made a lot of money on their last fundraiser for their trip at the end of the year.

Seth played out in all of the snow for the first time. Snow pants, boots, and all. He really liked it, except for wearing mittens. It was a lot of fun to watch him.

I was inside with Kate and took pictures through the window. They got me with a snowball. :)

Seth is showing everyone the "S Seth" on Kate's pants. He knows 23 letters of the alphabet (because he's interested and asks, not because I'm forcing a two year old to memorize the alphabet or anything), and he learns the letters by knowing a word that starts with each one. He calls out letters all the time now wherever we are. I love it! (He'll see the letters of our grocery store Tesco and will yell out "T truck, E Elmo, S Seth, C cake, O orange!" I can't go anywhere quickly and quietly anymore.)

Here Seth is trying to force Kate to look at the horse. He wanted to read to her, and I was all for that. I told him that she was looking but that he couldn't force her head to look at some exact thing. The whole 3 minutes this lasted was quite precious.

And Seth's exact words when he got these: "Awesome football lippers!" (That's not a typo, he doesn't/can't pronounce the initial s + consonant in words, but he can and does do initial s + vowel in words.)

I hope to be able to blog more as we slowly move up Kate's bedtime as she sleeps longer. Having not been able to keep up with it since we got back this fall, whether it be due to lack of internet or the time constraints of two kids and no free time, I am out of the routine of posting all the time. I even forget all about it most days! Horrors! But I hope to get back into the swing of things in the next month or two. Just don't hold me to that. :)


Julie said...

this was so great to see. I still need to see your new place! We need to connect one of these days...

Michelle and Justin said...

Oh! I love Seth's "lipppers"!!!! ANd that is too cute that he reads to her!


Aimee said...

I love these pictures! Thanks for keeping us updated even with the little time you have. Love you and miss you guys! :)