Monday, October 19, 2009

great weekend

I had such a fabulous weekend. Didn't anticipate that happening, which is maybe why it was so great.

Friday night started with an outreach event that Julie invited me to help with, and although I was hardly any help at all, I had a great time! Julie and her husband Zach are here with Campus Crusade and have a great ministry with Hungarian high school students. They had a huge outreach a couple weeks ago, and this was a follow up night for many. The guys played video games, and the girls did a craft night. You can read Julie's detailed account and see pictures here! I had to bring Seth so that Kevin could have an uninterrupted evening to finish up two of his grad school classes. I didn't want to bring him, but he ended up thoroughly enjoying himself and running around the coffee house at KEGy, showing off for all the girls how he could jump and play peek-a-boo. I thanked the Lord many times. :) And the picture above was taken by Julie.

I have missed my interactions with Hungarians a lot this fall. English classes started up two weeks ago, but with expecting a baby in less than three weeks (yahoo!), I didn't want to start and then have to take time off. So I will see what January brings and how things go with two kids and Kevin coaching varsity basketball again... But I have really missed connecting and talking with Hungarians. I didn't know any of the girls at the outreach, and with such limited Hungarian, I couldn't talk to anyone unless they spoke some English. :) But I loved being in that atmosphere and watching the girls. One of the Hungarian night security guys at ICSB showed up, and I was quite confused because he is certainly not in high school. Maybe he was riding by on his motorcycle and wanted to come check out what was happening. I didn't see him until he came over to me and said hello and played around with Seth. Julie had never seen him before, so it's not like he's a regular. But it was neat to see him there. I have no idea if he is a Christian or not. Anyway, I had a great time and am looking forward to what God might have for me in the future to be involved in with Hungarians, since that is really where my heart is at. I love the Hungarian people! Just waiting to see how life changes and trying to be flexible with all of that...

Saturday morning we had a "Mom's Morning Out" sort of thing that they try to do once a month for the young moms. I was greatly encouraged by one of the pastor's wives who shared. She said that motherhood is a "ministry of interruptions." I think I am often filled with false guilt for not being involved in anything at this moment, and I was encouraged to hear her say that there is a season for everything and that there are different times in our lives for us to be involved at varying levels of ministry. I feel right now that I am taking a back seat, as I mentioned above, and that has been bothering me. Being a mother is a ministry! And although our mission is fully supportive of that, not all supporters understand that. It was great to talk and hear from other women and know that it's okay if things are slow now as life will soon change, and as life continues to change, I can adjust my ministry as need be.

Saturday night we went over to our neighbor's house for dessert and games. It's so fun to hang out with families. In Columbus we hung out with the Schmit family ALL the time. They were our family away from family. We used to have wonderful meals there and then play games for hours. Of course then we weren't tied to a kid's bedtime schedule, but Seth was so good and having such a fun time this past Saturday that we stayed way too late. :) Oops! Thanks Myers for a great night!

And on Sunday, Seth went to Sunday School for the first time. The nursery workers said that since he was almost two that we should try that. He was having a great time when I left. I knew it wouldn't last, but maybe this time... Shortly into the sermon I hear a kid wailing for "MOMMY!" Kevin and I looked at each other and both said, "Seth." So I left to go get him because they were bringing him to me (no fancy beepers or flashing numbers on a screen over here!). Several other moms got up, too, wondering if it was their kid, but nope, it was mine. Kevin took him back up to Sunday School and stayed with him. So it didn't go so well, and I didn't expect it to. But we'll keep trying.

One other great detail from this weekend is that we got a massive wardrobe to borrow from Pam and Oliver, who by the way gave birth to their twins two weeks ago. Pam and I were due the same day, so I am jealous that she is already done. Granted I knew she'd go before me with twins and everything, but I am counting down the days! Yesterday marked 37 weeks, so now that I am considered full term, baby girl can come whenever she wants with no complaining from me. :) Anyway, we haven't had anywhere to hang our clothes since moving in, so you can imagine what a mess our room has been. Still need to bring in the two smaller parts to the wardrobe that are sitting in our garage in hopes of being able to fit most of our folded clothes. Then the next step would be to try and organize baby's room. Probably not going to happen before she's born since we don't have any furniture for that room nor do we have money to buy any, but at least our room won't be a disaster, and babies don't know or care if their clothes are in boxes rather than neatly put away in a dresser or hung in a wardrobe. :) Wish they had closets over here!


Stefanie said...

Seriously, I'm so used to you calling her "baby girl" - I'm beginning to think that's her name.

Doug said...

Stef - She didn't tell you the name that is in the lead????? Love Dad

Kristin said...

I can totally relate to the ministry part. The girls in my small group and I have all been struggling with the fact that being a mom is a ministry. Sometimes it is hard to remember that the little faces we see all day are looking at us to see Jesus!

Praying that "baby girl" comes soon! Can't wait to meet her -- in pics anyway!

Julie said...

I was so happy to have you there...and I just love that picture of Seth, I am glad you posted it. So cute!!!!

I am so thankful that the women's time encouraged you. What a blessing for God to be speaking to you. YOU ARE DOING MINISTRY... and just want you to hear it over and over!!!! It takes me a while to hear these things too. :)

Where did you go to church on Sunday? Danube? I usually have to stay up there with Jasper... and since Zach didn't feel good we didn't go on Sunday...

Magyar Journey said...

Can't wait to see the baby in pictures! I'm sad that I won't be there to meet her! Is any of your family going to come over once she's born?
I know you and your family are a ministry at the school, even if you aren't directly involved! Think of how much those kids love playing with Seth. They need to see families other than their own!
Did you finally get the internet figured out at your place, or are you posting from school?