Friday, October 9, 2009

a good ending to a rough week

I wrote the other day about feeling loved by the little things in life that God does for us. Can I just say that I have been overwhelmed the last two days, and today in particular, by so many of these little things?

I absolutely love living here in Hungary and feel called to be here right now. No doubt in my mind that this is where God wants us. For how long? Who knows. Until God shows us otherwise or until the money runs out, which I am confident that God would prepare us for the latter by showing us other plans. :)

But no matter how much I love living here, I do miss family and friends in the States. I miss lots of things. Although I don't miss teaching, I do miss the kids, the staff, and the parents. I loved working at Worthington Christian. Had many a conversations regarding why God had us move to Columbus for me to teach there when we could have gone anywhere. My friend Julia was one of the first to point out to me God's orchestrating our move there in anticipation of our move here. He is good and knows. Praise the Lord! Because I certainly don't.

There is no such thing as a perfect school. There were many days that I came home from school crying about one thing or another. The demands and expectations at a school with lots of wealthy people who pay tuition for their kids to go there got to be too much sometimes. And unfortunately, it was just a few that could ruin it for the bunch, because as a whole, that was not my impression of the school. Most of the parents of students I had were absolutely wonderful and encouraging, but like I said, it was one or two who could totally ruin my day in an instant. I guess they helped me build some character and a tougher shell. Ultimately, they were the ones who helped me realize that I cannot please man and should not strive to please man but God. I blew it many times.

But I have been reminiscing about this a lot today and yesterday because for some reason, several people from the school have been in contact with me. I'm not talking about the ones I usually talk to but the ones I haven't really talked to since I left. And they have been so kind and encouraging to me, coming out of the blue literally. I love Facebook! I'm not trying to brag or make myself look good, but I have been thanking God for giving me such loving encouragement. He knew I needed it. Totally unexpected and brought tears to my eyes. May he be given the glory for working in and through me!

And I have had a few women really reach out to me in the last few days as well. They aren't women I normally hang out with or talk with but on occassion, but I guess the Lord placed me on their hearts. It was really neat. That is another part of teaching that I miss...hanging out with older Christian women who train, encourage, and love. So it's been great to have a few this week take special interest in me.

Then the best surprise of all week was when I got a text message from Nusi saying she was coming through the area after having been away doing work for the last few days at a nearby town. She wanted to come spend the afternoon with me if I was home. I haven't seen her since before the summer, and it was such a splendid surprise. I should have taken a picture, but I was so excited to talk with her that I forgot. We're starting our 12th year of knowing each other. Crazy to think about. Wouldn't be living in Hungary if it weren't for God leading me here to live with her family in the summer of 1998. What a great way to experience God's love this week!


Julie said...

what a blessing that God brought you the encouragement that you needed.

Stefanie said...

Picture of Nusi next time!!!

Doug said...

We are all on a journey that God is overseeing. When possible it is neat to look back and see where he has taken us and realize now what he was doing then! Love you, Dad