Friday, July 31, 2009


It's been another break from blogging for me. I enjoy blogging for myself, but I do it mainly for our family (and friends) to know what we're up to. And since we've been home this summer and seeing everyone, blogging hasn't been a priority. We have been super busy as one would imagine. I sometimes remember to take pictures and other times I just forget. I will have to catch up on what we've been doing later, but we are in Chicago now until we head back to Hungary in less than 2 weeks, of course pending on our support.

So here are a few pictures for now. I'll have to take more time to tell you later what we've been up to!


Michelle said...

Seth's having so much fun! Thanks for posting pics! Can't wait to see ya'll in two weeks!

Audrey said...

Seth. is. huge. Is he speaking in iambic pentameter yet?
I'm praying right now for the rest of your time in the States. Would you please pray for Labnyom--the Kispest outreach starting next week--as I teach ESL for the first time, work with some wonderful people, and interact with Hungarian high school students? Thanks, dear!