Thursday, June 11, 2009

our "old" normal

As my sister said, we made it! Despite feeling like the longest day of my life, we didn't have a single problem and Seth was a trooper. We had no problem making our connecting flight nor did we have any problems through customs.

Seth slept the entire flight from Budapest to Warsaw, and he slept for another good chunk on the way to Chicago. He did run around a bit on the plane, mainly just walking up and down the aisles and making friends with several Polish women. He also occupied himself by reading some magazines, including Architectural Digest. Boy after mommy's heart. :) The end of the flight was techinically Seth's bedtime, and he really fought going to sleep at that point in time. But who could blame him after being strapped in for nearly 10 hours? He finally did give in with only an hour left on the flight and managed to stay asleep with Kevin carrying him until we reached border control. He then was awake until his "normal" bedtime here in the States. He was an AMAZING kid. Praise the Lord!

He and my nephew Daniel are having lots of fun together. I didn't anticipate that. I thought Seth wouldn't care, but he really is enjoying Daniel. It's so precious to watch them. They are also fueling each other's silliness and hyper activity, so maybe that's not so good but nonetheless hilarious. Seth is pretty much sleeping his normal hours, and we are surprised and thankful for that since we have been tired.

Kevin and I didn't know what it would be like to be back, if it would seem weird. So far it seems just like normal, our "old" normal. Perhaps it will feel differently in other places, but right now it doesn't feel weird. Feels like I'm just back in town visiting my family.

Now that we're back and my sister is taking pictures, we can hopefully post some more. We plan on getting our laptop problem fixed, so hopefully we'll be all good after that from our end. Anyway, we are so grateful we made it safely, and we look forward to visiting with as many people as we can!


Kelly said...

Definitely need to see some more pictures when you get a chance! I didn't recognize Seth at first in the pictures your sister posted. He looks soo much bigger and more grown up! Still need an address for Kevin's birthday card! Should I send it to his parents? Will you be making it out there?

Aimee said...

So glad that things went smoothly and that you're enjoying your time back home. We hope to get to see you guys at some point - though I know you'll be doing lots of running... so let us know when might be good to meet up. We love you and miss you! :)

Stefanie said...

Send it to his parents...they'll be there in two weeks.

Jenny said...

WELCOME HOME! I'm so glad the trip went smoothly. You have quite the little boy there. Hope you get some time to relax and enjoy being home.

Michelle said...

I'm so glad you made it and that Seth did great! Was there really any doubt?? You have such a great kid!! :)

No baby yet. Just FYI. But anytime now...:)


Life with Ash and Ave said...

So glad you guys made it safely. I hope to see you!