Thursday, June 25, 2009

farm girl at heart

We are now in Western New York visiting Kevin's parents. We drove up early Sunday morning so that we could get here for late service and have Father's Day lunch with them. It worked out perfectly!

Monday morning I was out driving tractor! Kevin's mom said that she thinks I am a "farm girl at heart." It's funny because I thoroughly enjoy being more of a "city girl" while visiting my parents and then also love being out in the farming country while visiting Kevin's parents. I like them both! I learned how to chop down a tree my first visit here ever, before we were even dating. I love to visit the cow farm and see them all getting milked in these super high tech days. The summer we left for Hungary I drove a little bobcat around, moving clumps of dirt. Kevin has it on video and has showed it to enough people because he likes to make fun of me, or I should say my inability to move much dirt. But those little things are quite rickety, and I was thinking I might tip it! Anyway, I drove the tractor on Monday and loved it. Later Seth took a ride on it with Kevin and absolutely loved it as well.

Seth is in love with animals, as many people know, so he is absolutely loving it here. I look forward to hopefully taking him up to see the cows sometime soon and later seeing Aunt Marta's horses when we visit them next week. He is chasing the cats all around, and I think the gray cat is quite tired of Seth already. Ha ha.

We went to the zoo yesterday, and he loved those animals as well. He really enjoyed the monkeys. We also took him on his first carousel ride there. His face did not show his enjoyment, but he was saying "ooohhh" and making all sorts of exciting noises. It was a hit, so much so that he dropped to the ground in a fit when he realized we had to get off. I so enjoy those moments.

I have been taking some pictures and even have some ones on Saturday when we were swimming at my aunt's house (the rain held off!). But those are on the laptop, so I am going to have to go over to Kevin's brother's house where he has wireless if I plan on posting any. Hopefully I can do that soon!

Did I use some form of "love" enough in this post?!


Michelle said...

I am so glad that you're having so much fun! I would LOVE to see a picture of you driving the tractor. :)

William didn't have the greatest night last night, but he's sleeping soundly now at it's 8:30 am. We have our first pediatrician visit today!


Stefanie said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with Stef!!!

Stefanie said...

Also, tell Mrs. Y there is NO WAY you are a farm girl at heart- you like shopping too much :)

And you, get dirty?