Monday, June 15, 2009

enjoying being back

We have been having such a great time our first 5 days back! I have already had lots of great food that I have missed, which means that I think I gained 10 pounds in the last 5 days! I have gotten to see a bunch of people, some planned and others just running into. It has been just wonderful spending time with my family and watching Seth with them. He has thoroughly enjoyed all the green grass and space to run around and of course all the toys! It has been GREAT!

I will have to post more pictures later as our laptop is officially working, and now I have to go through and organize pictures from the last two months. Not complaining because I am grateful it's working, but now I have some work to do. :)

This is a total other story, but I was thinking about it earlier today. Not sure why. When we landed in Chicago, the US Department of Agriculture has these dogs that come around to sniff bags to find if you're bringing any of the "forbidden" foods into the country. I fully support countries wanting to protect their borders and check for those things, but I felt so bad for this little old Polish lady who didn't understand what was going on. The dog sniffed something in her bag, and so the government worker asked the woman to open the bag so they could check. I could tell the woman didn't understand what she was supposed to do and couldn't figure out if she was in trouble or something. The government worker just spoke louder and in a more impatient tone, like that's going to help matters. The woman wasn't deaf! I just felt so bad because I completely understood what it was like to be the Polish woman. And for once in the past two years I wasn't the one who didn't understand and dealing with a very frustrated person on the other end. I wish I spoke Polish and could have helped the woman. Eventually the worker just opened it up and went through things to find two apples. They took them and gave her this long lecture about how she wasn't supposed to bring fruit into the country. My guess is that the woman was planning on eating them on the airplane and just never did. I know Seth and I finished up our fruit before landing after we realized we had fruit with us, too.

There weren't many Americans at all on the flight over, so we got through border control and customs super fast. It is easier being an American citizen and returning to our home country. It has also been WONDERFUL to understand everything going on around me. My initial response is to respond in Hungarian with a "thank you" or "sorry" or whatever. I do enjoy understanding things and not feeling like an idiot most of the time!

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New Beginnings said...


Have to say I also do feel sorry for that Polish lady. Glad it really was nothing serious just a couple apples that they took from her.

I have to also say that after being back in the states for a year,hard to believe that I still find myself saying thank you,excuse me and sorry in Hungarian.

Kinda funny when it happens I just laugh at myself and say opps..sorry in english.

Glad to hear that all went well on the trip back and Seth did so well adjusting to the time..or so I think he has?