Friday, January 23, 2009

the start of the weekend

Thank you to everyone who has thought of me, prayed for me, checked in with me, or whatever! The Lord has provided someone to help with some of the running around tomorrow while I'll be at the shower. That was my biggest concern. Second biggest concern is that the person who was going to babysit Seth either forgot or decided not to do it because something else came up. (I don't understand that!) I spent all afternoon trying to figure out who could watch Seth. No one could. Finally one of the girls who I had talked to earlier today who couldn't do it called back just a bit ago and said that she could. Praise the Lord. I told her I loved her. :)

The Lord continues to reveal in me areas in my life I need to work on, areas that will most likely be a struggle for me my entire life. I laugh because it's always the same things. Then I get mad at myself that I'm still learning the same lessons all these years. When will I ever learn?

Despite many frustrations of the day, I did have some precious time with Quentin this afternoon. He truly loves little Seth, and Seth has taken quite a liking to him. It started months ago, but I don't remember how or when. It's so cute. In the car this afternoon he says, "No offense, Mrs. Yaiko..." And then I was trying to think of what I said or did that he was going to comment on. Then he said, "But Seth is a very smart baby." I got a chuckle out of that. He has told Seth a dozen times over the last two days that he is the cutest baby ever. :)

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