Sunday, January 25, 2009

peace and quiet

I am experiencing a lull in the day right now. It is quite nice. Kevin took the oldest two to open gym at the school. The middle two are quietly doing things by themselves. The youngest is at a cub scout thing, and little Seth is napping. The dishwasher is running. The kitchen is clean. There is peace and quiet.

To be honest, I haven't missed having a dishwasher much at all. We had way more dishes in the States, so we could get by with only running the dishwasher every few days. Here we don't have enough plates to do that. Not having a dishwasher forces me to do the dishes constantly since we only have about two feet of counter space. Dishes can't stack up because there is no where for them to stack up. So that's a good thing in my book. But being here, I am grateful for a dishwasher. It's a nice change. :)

On the way to church this morning we discussed why Kevin and I get up so early. We both are good productive people in the morning. I know that's annoying for the night people. But I hate sleeping in late and feeling like I missed half the day. That doesn't mean that I'm up at 5:00 on a Saturday morning or anything, but I do like to get going. I get more done in the morning. Anyone who taught with me knows that I liked to get to school early, like around 6:30 in the morning. Sometimes a parent would call that early in hopes of just leaving a message and then be very surprised when I answered my phone. I struggle to get things accomplished in the late afternoon. Like now. Plus, another benefit of getting up at a decent time is that we don't have to rush around and be late to everything.

I feel completely blessed to have Kevin as my husband. He is my other half who balances me out. We have taken numerous personality profiles and other psych tests, some in premarital counseling and some with our mission board before we were allowed to come over here. It's funny to look at those and see where Kevin and I are complete opposites. Sometimes that causes friction, although to be honest, Kevin and I are not fighters. But most of the time, it's a good thing because we balance each other out and help make up for what the other is lacking. I am an emotional idealist. Kevin is a logical realist. Ha ha. I laugh at that. He helps keep things in perspective for me. A lot of things. And that's good. :)

Off to enjoy the peace and quiet...


Anonymous said...

You two are right for each other - from another morning person! Love, Dad

Stefanie said...

You are more than welcome to get up at 5am on Saturdays with Daniel and I!

I love mornings :)