Tuesday, December 16, 2008

slow, slow, quick, quick, slow

The internet has been down today. It is finally back up. And now it's really time for bed. So this will be quick...

We are in week 2 of level 2 of our dance lessons. We usually begin the night by reviewing all of the dances we have learned and then work on a new dance or continue with the new dance we learned the previous week. Tonight the ONLY thing we did the entire time was the tango. I must say I am enjoying that one, so I didn't mind. We are by no means good dancers, but this one is a bit easier for those of us lacking in the dance department.

I don't think we have dance lessons until after Christmas and New Year's because they were all wishing each other Boldog Karácsonyt (Merry Christmas). Then one of the guys said it to us in English, which surprised me because I have never heard him say anything in English. I then told him Boldog Karácsonyt and Boldog új évet (Happy New Year) in my badly pronounced Hungarian. He was very gracious and told me I did a "great job, perfect." I know he was just being kind, but I appreciated him not correcting every single sound uttered out of my mouth.

And here are a couple pictures from our last ELI last Wednesday until the new year.

Lana, Michelle, and I teach the different English class levels, along with Attila who runs the program as an outreach to his own Hungarian people. Seth is only there because it's break time and Kevin had basketball practice. But they all love it when he comes to visit.

Here is a group shot. It's not the best one ever, and actually, attendance was low that night with all of the Christmas things going on, but it's still nice to see a picture of some of the people who come! Attila is standing just slightly off center, between Michelle and Lana.

Now of course I wrote more in this post than I had originally intended to. But are you really surprised?

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