Saturday, December 20, 2008

no internet but lots of baking

Our internet has been going in and out the last few days, mainly out. It is working right now, Seth is napping right now, and the peppermint patties I made are drying right now. I am taking advantage of this time to blog.

I made a batch of cookie dough last night to make some Christmas cookies. My mom and I both wonder how in the world the recipe says it makes 48 cookies because mine definitely made about 10 dozen. Crazy. And I am making peppermint patties this afternoon, and one batch made about 12 dozen. Double crazy. I have no desire to eat any sweets after making all of these the last two days.

Audrey is coming over tonight to watch Christmas movies. Tis the season. Kevin and I have watched three Christmas movies so far, and every single one of them took place in Chicago. Makes me miss home so much.

And here is a picture I stole from a student. I like it because it says "Merry Christmas" in just a few of the native languages that students at our school speak.

Tomorrow night we are having Christmas dinner with Nusi, Zsolt, Gabi, and a few other Hungarian friends. I am looking forward to it!

Off to finish the peppermint patties...


Kelly said...

How do you make peppermint patties?

Kristin said...

I would like to know as well!

Anonymous said...

We miss you too! Headed downtown tomorrow. Love Dad