Monday, December 1, 2008

fantastic weekend

We had such a nice weekend! Hard to believe it is now December. Where has the time gone?

Friday was a day out and about in the city with my dearest Audrey. Kevin was at home all day and babysat Seth so that I could have a fun day with her, which by the way, we have been planning for a month. We took Flat Stanley with us to take some pictures for a second grade class who wrote Audrey and asked her to do that for their class project. Here's my favorite (and yes, those are pig parts in the deli case):

We did lots of shopping, some planned and some not. We sipped hot cocoa at Gerbaud's, one of Europe's oldest and most famous confectioneries. The Christmas market opened last weekend on Vörösmarty tér, which is where Gerbaud's is located, so we got to look through all of that stuff. We also ate lángos (or pompos), which is yummy bread with cheese, onions, and perhaps some ham, all baked in a wood burning stove. It is SO yummy!

Audrey and I also headed towards Parliament to visit the Culinaris store, all with the help of Justin. We wouldn't have made it without his help in directions since we had no idea where it was! But this store is amazing! It sells lots of "fine food and spices." That translates to "some American goods" in my book. It was the most exciting and most expensive discovery ever. We got a few fun things, including Rice Krispies, which totally made my day!

Audrey and I also got our hair cut. I got about 4 inches cut off and am enjoying shorter hair but still being able to pull it back, especially with a little boy who loves to pull it. :)

We also went to the mall and picked up some dinner at Subway on the way home. We ended our evening watching Christmas movies and eating Rice Krispies treats. A yummy ending to our day!

The rest of the weekend was fun as well, including more time in the city on Saturday to celebrate a birthday and a trip to IKEA so that Audrey could get a few things. Bummer was that most of what she wanted was out of stock. Bummer number 2 was that every person in Hungary was at IKEA on Saturday. It's usually super busy, but this was insanity. As we were walking out, I saw a sign that said something about Saturday, but of course I couldn't read but a few words. I'm sure it said something like "Stay away this Saturday because it will be insane in here."

We also got to have lunch yesterday afternoon with the Jackson family and their five kiddos as well as some American missionaries who are serving in Serbia. Very cool.

It was just a fantastic weekend. Makes me excited for Christmas to be here!


Julie said...

looks like you had a great time!!! Glad you are feeling better!

Christa said...

You've inspired me to leave Lulu with Dan for an entire day... :)