Sunday, October 5, 2008

oh canada

Oh Canada
You were my saving grace
I did not feel well
And you put a smile upon my face

The mounty in his tall hat
(The one who always gets his man)
And the Queen who still rules
Oh Canada, I am such a fan

The INS may change the lines
And people suddenly feel inferior
But you have Niagara Falls and maple leaves,
And don't forget huge Lake Superior

You may just be the "country up north"
Although a rather large one
But yet, you really cheered me up
And now this poem is done.

*Side note: I am no poet and have never written anything even close, but that little diddy is for my beautiful friend Audrey.

*Oh, one other thing, Pam and Oliver had their little baby boy Thomas early this morning!!! We are super excited and happy for them.

*And now back to our regular scheduled blogging...


Stefanie said...


Kristen said...

No one will understand it except for Audrey, hence why it was for her!

Audrey said... You are absolutely, positively the most fantastic person I have ever met. Hilarious (and SO creative)! Well done! Now there is a huge smile on MY face. :)

Audrey said...

And the new pictures of Seth are beautiful! I've been meaning to tell you that.

Julie said...

just to let you know I tagged you today...

how are you feeling?

Andrea said...

I am glade that you now know that the Queen still rules my country!