Tuesday, September 16, 2008

yummy soup

The new soup I made today turned out great! We had Audrey and Kacie over for dinner to enjoy it. Fun times to get to visit. They are all at open house for the high school tonight.

Seth is getting to be quite the little ham. He knows when people are laughing at him, and then he continues to do whatever it was that people were laughing at. He loves attention. He is also a little stinker. While I was cooking, he was getting into the cupboards and having a blast taking out food and shaking it. He knows the good stuff...he went right for all of the American food we have...and a few other items from here that all have English words on the packaging. Life with Seth is so fun at this stage, although I am learning to plan twice the amount of time needed to do something if he's awake because I am constantly chasing him or pulling him out of something. He thinks it's a game and always looks at me. It's really hard not to laugh! Such a joy! :)


Julie said...

what soup was it? and they are little stinker's aren't they? Jasper is screaming all of a sudden now and it is so grating and he isn't eating... so frustrating.. he must be breaking a tooth, the dr said he had two coming in. Poor guy, but it is still annoying!

Kelly said...

Oh, how I can relate to that mess right there! That looks like my entire house after Madi has been up for an hour or so. And it is so hard not to laugh while they do it.