Monday, September 22, 2008

monday randoms

We had a nice, relaxing weekend hanging out together.

On my way to the grocery store this morning, I saw three men all going to the bathroom in the same bush at the side of the road. I laughed.

Can I just say that Seth is such a fun kid who makes me laugh and smile all day?

Kevin leaves on Wednesday for a couple days to chaperone a student leadership conference.

So excited!!! Kevin's parents are coming to visit next month. Can't wait!

I tried so many new recipes for dinners last week, and not a single one was a bomb. We loved them all! Unfortunately a couple of the recipes required items from the US, thus I will not be able to make them unless I happen to have the items. Did I mention that Kevin's parents are coming? :)

Our silverware drawer finally busted into pieces. It falls apart all the time, but Kevin puts it back together time and time again. After more than a year of fixing it, it came apart into a bunch of pieces unfixable by Kevin. Now it's all sitting on our counter until someone comes to fix it. We have hardly any counter space, so this is driving me nuts. Oh well.

Anybody know why a webcam shows things in the reverse? Weird.

Going to go climb into bed now with cold sheets but a super nice down comforter, so it'll feel toasty soon. Might read or do some Sudoku. I'm addicted. I have been for a long time, and I don't see giving it up anytime soon. By the way, I love cold sheets!


Anonymous said...

you'll have to email me about the webcam so I can get one too. Love, Dad

Audrey said...

As one who benefits from your new recipes, I say they were in fact "da bomb".

And, they were actually sharing a bush? Yikes.

Stefanie said...

That bush thing, disgusting!

Oh, we need to get a web cam!

Kevin's parents are coming?! FUN!