Tuesday, September 2, 2008

a little update on seth

Seth got his first two teeth. Yep. Some sharp points coming up through those gums. They're the two middle teeth on the bottom. He hasn't seemed to be complaining much, and I am especially glad for that. My favorite question I hear all the time: "Does Seth ever cry? Because I've never heard him cry." For anyone who might be wondering, yes, he does cry. I am more than happy to call anyone over if you ever want to come hear him. :)

One of my favorite parts of the day is when I vacuum the floor. I do it half a dozen times a day with Seth feeding himself lots of food and making terrible messes. His friends (the ants) LOVE to come out and visit during or after a meal, so I have to be pretty quick with the vacuum. And yes, I've sprayed and done everything for the ants. People just keep telling me that it's part of living here. They're much better now than before though.

Anyway, back to vacuuming... I love this part of the day because Seth cracks me up during that time. He loves it when I vacuum! One would think after having his first nasty cold and me doing the gross booger-sucker-outer thing that he would hate it, but nope. The sound of the vacuum clicks on and he just goes to town. What does he do? Well, his goal in his every day life right now is to be the loudest one in the room. That means that he yells and talks SO loud. It cracks me up. Then after I'm done vacuuming, he goes back to talking quieter. I love it. Oh, and he feels he needs to be the loudest everywhere, not just at home when the vacuum is run. He lets everyone know where he is in the grocery store, at school, on a walk, you name it. It's not a cry, a whine, or protest of any sort. He just "talks" really loud if someone is louder than him. He draws attention this way, not that the kid is lacking any, and then lots of nice Hungarians come to talk to him/us. I always feel bad because I can only say just a little bit. But I do laugh because it is out of sheer joy that he seems to do it!

Let's see, Seth loves to wave at everyone. At first it looked more like a salute than a wave, but now he's really flapping those arms. He ordinarily doesn't do it unless someone waves at him first, but every once in a while he'll do it first. I guess it depends on his mood. :) He also loves to give high fives. You have to ask for one and stick your hand out, and he'll respond. And wrestling time with Dad is one of his favorites now, too. They have lots of fun together, and Seth always goes back for more. He laughs hysterically during it, which makes it all the more fun. He is definitely all boy.

We still haven't found a food yet that Seth doesn't like or won't eat. Praise the Lord that we also haven't found a food yet that has caused him allergies or anything of that sort. I know things can still happen in the future, but I am grateful we haven't had to worry about that yet. But he eats anything we give him without even thinking twice about it. It's been nice to sit down at the table and eat dinner together as a family.

And he isn't walking yet. There was a time where I thought he might be. He walks along furniture and things like that, and he stands by himself, if he takes a minute to actually stop long enough for that to happen. He just crawls super fast, so I'm not sure when he'll decide to walk instead since his crawling is serving him so well right now. He can climb the stairs with no problem. He can pretty much climb anything if he can reach it. You would not believe the stuff he can get into that I thought wasn't possible. He certainly keeps us on our toes!

Oh, Seth has also started to have some "play dates," or whatever you want to call when moms get together to chat while their little kids sit there and try to grab each other. It's been fun! He got to hang out with little Jasper last week and will do so again tomorrow, and he hung out with little Lianna today.

p.s. That was the only picture I could upload, after trying lots of others for the last twenty minutes. One is better than none I guess! That was taken this evening after talking to Grandma on the phone.


Kristin said...

My how time flies and how fast they grow...I can't believe that he can do all that already.

Stefanie said...

I'll have to tell Arianne they had their playdate today! Daniel loves on Reghan non-stop, so maybe Seth with love on Lianna. Actually, Reghan and Daniel caused some trouble at church with the water fountain the other day :)

I think Seth must take after Daniel. One time we were grocery shopping and Daniel repeatedly said hi to a woman (she did not respond). He kept saying it louder and louder until she finally mumbled, "hi". Haha.

Julie said...

Kristen thanks for coming over today, it was so much fun. Can I just tell you how much I love your new blog look. I think I might need to get one for the other blog!!!

So sorry about little Seth, prayerfully you are both resting right now!

jennifer said...

liking the new blog layout! nice work!