Wednesday, August 20, 2008

szent istván day

Today is Hungary's national holiday, Szent István Day, kind of like the US's Fourth of July. They celebrate Szent István, the first king of Hungary who basically united all of the Magyar tribes into one nation. He also turned them from a pagan nation into a Christian nation back in 997. That's right, Hungary has been a nation for 1,011 years! So today they celebrate in many ways, including fireworks this evening.

We went to the Anderson's house this evening to celebrate with them and the Custer's. We had so much fun! We had a cookout and picnic outside, got to hang out (which means girls talk while the guys played video games, which made Kevin more than happy!), and then walked to the park to watch the fireworks.

I had such a fun time and am so glad for friends! I really hope to hang out with Julie this year. We have lots of similar interests and get along great. She has two boys, Eli and Jasper. Jasper just turned one, so he isn't too much bigger than Seth. It was so cute to watch them interact with one another. I will have to post a picture of Jasper's hair. You would not believe how much beautiful hair this kid has! Thanks Julie for having us over and for such a great time!

I'll try to post some pictures from this evening hopefully tomorrow. Actually, I will be waiting for Julie to post or send some pictures and then steal hers. :)

I am headed to bed. Tomorrow is the first day of school. Hard to believe summer is over already!

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my Dad!!! I told him that I got all of Hungary together to celebrate his birthday and all he had to do was get here. Maybe next time, right?!


Anonymous said...

I wish I was there! We'll make it back for sure and then we can set Hungary straight on the true meaning of August 20th! Love, Dad

jennifer said...

Have a great day at school!

Julie said...

Hi I posted pics last night...and your sister already commented saying that she loved Seth's outfit! So fun. And I will resize and send out pictures to you all today! Thanks again for coming over, I had a blast and looking forward to hanging out this year!!!