Saturday, August 9, 2008

i got me a hot pistol

Audrey and I got up early this morning to head to the antique market. We had lots of rain on the way there and terrible traffic due to an accident. We got there, only to be disappointed because it was closed. Neither of us had ever been, and I was really excited. I have heard about it and just wanted to check it out. I guess it'll have to be another day. Very sad.

We decided to just run around town anyway, so that's what we did. We went to Kika, which is kind of like one massive department store, similar to IKEA but different products. I had been before but never spent much time looking around or wandering. I discovered that they have quite a nice baby/children's section. I was really excited about it. They had cute stuff. I know Seth could care less about any of that stuff now, but I had fun looking anyway. He is just thrilled to play with an empty water bottle. But Audrey and I were completely dumbfounded at how incredibly expensive everything was there. Where do normal every day Hungarians buy furniture?! Definitely not there.

We headed to Praktiker, a hardware store. I had never been to that one before. It was pretty big with lots of stuff. I have wanted to get a hot glue gun, but I had been told they didn't have them here. Then I talked with Julie, and she told me they did and about a few other cool stores around that I wanted to check out. I was amazed to actually find the hot glue gun there! I had no idea what section it would be in or the words in Hungarian for "glue" or "gun." For anyone wondering, they can be found in the paint section next to the paintbrushes. Not sure how they fit in that section, but I found it anyway. Oh, and it is called a "hot pistol" here. I thought that was a funny name.

So before heading home for the day, I wanted to check out one of the stores Julie had mentioned to me earlier this week, and it worked out well because it is right by Audrey's flat and she actually knew what store I was talking about. We walked there, and I was really excited. Guess what? CLOSED! Seriously, why are they closed on Saturday? They are only open during normal working hours during the week and closed on the weekends. That isn't much of a problem for me but it would be for anyone else who works. So another disappoitment, but at least I know where it is now and how to get there.

Although there were disappointments in things being closed, I got to hang out with Audrey once again, and that is always a treat. And thanks Julie for giving me such good ideas and lots of help! We will be making cool stuff this year, if I can ever get to these places when they're open. :)

Oh, and I heard how terrible the Hungarian Olympic team outfits were at the opening ceremony yesterday, but I can't find a picture! Anyone else find one on the interet? No television, so anything I see or hear will be limited. Very sad about that as the Olympics are my favorite.


Julie said...

Hey Kristen, I am glad you got a hot pistol! Ha ha. Sorry so much was closed for you. Bummer. I was wondering if you guys wanted to come for dinner tonight... it is Sunday... let me know. jules

Aimee said...

Use the link below to take you to a page that will show the Opening Ceremony - Parade of Nations. Fast forward to about 1 hour, 9 minutes and Hungary appears :) Yes... pretty horrible outfits, but they were excited to be there!

(once the page comes up the link for the opening ceremony video will be on the right-hand side)

Stefanie said...

Worst outfits ever. Even the announcers were making fun of them...haha.

But hey, a Hungarian received the silver next to Phelps the other night- or maybe it was the bronze.