Friday, August 15, 2008

back home again

We just got back from our conference. Seth is napping, and all is well. It's near 100 degrees, and no more air conditioning for us. I am literally sitting in front of the fan with it blowing on me. That is helping. Not nearly as good as AC, but oh well.

We had such a wonderful time at the retreat. And it truly was a retreat! You know how sometimes they say the word "retreat" and it's anything but... This was not the case! It was a time to relax and to get to hear from others about what it on their hearts and minds. We spent the mornings together doing devotions and worship and then had a few little things going on, but then we all hung out at the pool for the afternoon mainly. All meals were provided for us, except one so that we could go out and about for a dinner, and the hotel food was actually good. You never know at some of these places.

I really enjoyed getting to know some really Godly women who understand and encourage. They were just amazing. I hope to continue a new friendship I made, too! We also got to catch up with the president of UWM and with the Jebo's, who are in the missionary care department. They check in on us and see how we're doing, offer support and encouragement, etc. They are the neatest couple who minister to lots of different missionaries, and they flew in for our retreat. We feel so blessed by the whole mission. And because we met people from many different countries, we now have offers to visit and stay with lots of other people! We hope to take advantage of that.

School starts next Thursday, so back to the fall schedule. We really love hanging out with the students here, and we look forward to seeing them once again. We've missed them this summer.

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