Saturday, August 16, 2008

antique market try #2

I got to go to the antique market with Pam this morning. I told her about the disappointing attempt last weekend, and so she took me there today. Yah, I found out what I did wrong. Glad to know so that I can go back again.

Most of the stuff there I had absolutely NO interest in. I am not a person who likes stuff because of a name brand or because it is "antique" or because of any other reason than that I like it. And to be honest, I just didn't like most of what I saw. But I did see a few things that I LOVED! The problem? All things were way too expensive. I wondered who could afford the stuff. I learned the power of walking away though, and soon the prices started to fall. Still not low enough, but I'll keep going back and maybe work on that...or something. :) But I had a great time!

Had a couple students drop by to say hi tonight. That is always fun. I look forward to seeing them all again regularly. Lots of babysitters in town. Lots of girls asking to babysit.

And totally random, but does anyone know how to freeze mango? Fruits and vegetables are only available seasonally here, and I am loving this mango salsa with Italian roasted pork tenderloin I make. I won't be able to get mango for much longer, and I want to freeze some so that I can make it later!


Stefanie said...

I know you can freeze it pureed, because Daniel used to love it when I would puree it for him. I believe you could peel the skin and then freeze it in chunks.

Julie said...

that sounds yummy I would love to try it...

we are still at our conference. We don't get back till the 19th and stores are closed on the 20th. I wanted to talk to you and Michelle about bringing stuff for dinner on the 20th. We will grill meat outside and have a watermelon... and you guys could bring salads, dessert, drinks... what do you think? I don't have your email on me to talk about it... let me know, thanks! oh and did you ask Pam about coming?