Thursday, July 31, 2008

you can't take it with you

Kim and I were supposed to go to the pool today, but there were supposed to be scattered thunderstorms all afternoon so we decided not to go. Guess what? Not a drop of rain! Had we gone, it probably would have stormed, or at least rained. We rescheduled for tomorrow. There isn't any chance of rain for tomorrow.

I had said the other day that we are just feeling so overwhelmed by God's provision for us through the generosity and sacrifice of so many others. These last few months have been incredibly stressful in regards to our finances. This month even got to the point of... "Well, if we pay our rent, we can't eat. And if we eat, we can't pay our rent, which isn't going to go over well with our landlord." Yah, it's been tough.

So last week we had to write our supporters and ask for help. That was the last thing we wanted to do. Why? Well, of course for many reasons. We have been here only a year and didn't want to ask again. It was hard enough to raise the support to get here in the first place and now trying to raise it a bit... Plus, we kept thinking that the dollar had to get better at some point. We also know that lots of people back home are struggling too. How could we ask for more? God gave us some unexpected gifts of money and various items from others that have carried us through these last few months. We just cut out everything we possibly could to get by and then this month we realized that there was no way we were even close to making it.

God has placed it on several people's hearts to give more so that we can stay here this year. I have to chuckle because it's always the same people who give. And in my mind, I truly believe that God continues to give more to those who give back to him. Why wouldn't he?! Now this is by no means saying that just because someone does not support us that they are not giving. Goodness gracious, there are only a million other people, churches, and great organizations out there needing money amongst other things. So please don't take it as that. Plus, we need more than just financial support! We covet prayer support and emotional support as well! Those are incredibly important.

I have learned a lot about giving in my short lifetime. That does not mean that I have it mastered or anything like that. Let me just say from personal experience that the last thing I want to do is not give when money is tight, although that is the natural reaction for me and maybe others, too. I have done that before, and that was a bad idea. Again, I firmly believe that God will provide for our needs, and our responsibility is to continue giving back to him. It's not easy when things are tight, but it is a joy to see how God provides and to be a part of that! And like my friend wrote to me, "It's his money anyway, right? We are just called to obey." Thanks to my friend (you know who you are!). And I always have to remind myself that I can't take it with me when I die anyway! What will I care about the things or money I had here on earth?

So thank you to all of you who are a part of our ministry here in one way or another. We feel incredibly blessed and overwhelmed!

*Side note: LOVED the book The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn. Would highly recommend it. And to be honest, it is what finally got me out of my comfortable world and over here. Despite knowing I really wanted to do missions of some sort over here one day, leaving my comfortable life was holding me back. I could go on and on about this, so maybe I'll do a separate post on that one of these days.


Michelle said...

I am so happy that the Lord has blessed ya'll with your friend's help! Isn't it just like God to provide for us in unexpected ways? I think we put God in such a small box despite knowing no box is big enough for Him!

Julie said...

hey, I am going to call you now that the pool is off... what pool where you going to go to?