Tuesday, June 10, 2008

wish i was there

At first I was going to say that I really don't have anything to say. And then as I started writing, I realized there was a lot on my mind. I know, I know... nothing new... no surprise.

Today was Ryan's funeral, so I was thinking of them all day and wishing I was there. My family said how nice it was, and I was so touched to hear of all the people who went. I was not surprised by that because Ryan touched so many people's lives, but I was just glad to know that so many people did go. Wish I was one of them.

On a happier note, I did get to talk on the phone to Whittington. That was a special surprise to brighten my day.

I have to say that I enjoy getting up in the morning and reading people's blogs. I try to write as often as possible for many reasons, but mainly, this is how our friends and family know what's going on. I do enjoy doing it, and it's just "me." I wonder if we move back to the US next year or sometime later if either I will enjoy blogging as much or if people will care to read this blog. I don't know the answer to either of those questions. But I enjoy reading blogs because it helps me stay connected to those I know and love in the States. I like knowing what's going on just to feel a part still of my old life there. The longer we are here the less I will feel connected. Let me just say that I am surprised at how quickly those connections seem to fade or just disappear altogether. People said that would happen, but I was and am still surprised at how fast I don't feel a part of things there anymore. This is not a pity party by any means, just a reality I have learned this first year here. I could say more about that, but I won't.

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Anonymous said...

We wish you were here with us too. It was a beautiful celebration service of Ryan's life and the impact he had on everyone around him. What a testimony to everyone who was there! Love, Dad