Wednesday, June 4, 2008

such a busy day

I was barely home all day.

Seth and I spent the morning in second grade on their last day of school. We had a fun time, and it was so nice to spend that time with my old students. They adore Seth, and I think they enjoyed seeing him more than me!

Back row: Botond (Hungarian), Trevor, Joshua (American but claims to be German), Seoung-Hyun (Korean), Hamilton, Ji-Hyun (Korean), and yours truly holding baby Seth; Kneeling: Seth and MiMi (Chinese); Mrs. Johnson; Front row: Velina (Bulgarian), Sydney, and Katie (Canadian/Slovakian)

Ji-Hyun and Botond were so excited to show me the Bibles they received in their native languages, Korean and Hungarian. Botond didn't know a single word in English when he started school nine months ago, and he spoke to me today in complete sentences and paragraphs with no difficulty. AMAZING!

After school, Michelle took some of us to the pottery place again. That, too, was fun until we walked out and were "wheel-shackled" because we had parked in a no parking zone. I did enjoy looking at the new pottery and getting an adorable birthday plate for Seth!

Tonight was the last night of ELI for this year. Although the picture turned out really fuzzy, at least you can see who showed up on the last night. I had any where form 9 to 21 students, but I would say there were a faithful dozen who showed up. Unfortunately Gabi couldn't make it because she had an exam. Most of them want to continue learning English next year, so I hope to see them again in the fall!

Kevin, Me, and Seth; Réka, Sophie, Zsolt, Döniz, Fanni, Zoltan, Matthew (who helped team teach with me the last half), Nörbi, Berti, and Dávid

And the latest thing I heard about Ryan was that he was able to rest and get into a chair for a bit. That was good to hear. I know nothing more than that, but I am truly grateful for everyone's prayers, and I know their family is as well. Continue to pray for that miracle!

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