Sunday, June 22, 2008

nagyon meleg

It is back to being super hot again! I can't let any part of my skin touch another part of my skin or else I am glued to myself with sweat. Seth can't nap because he is just too hot and sweaty. Poor little guy! Or maybe his incoming teeth are bothering him? Not sure.

Looking forward to hopefully experiencing some air conditioning tomorrow at immigration, or at least during the car ride on the way there. Oh to have air conditioning right now!


Julie said...

You need to come to our flat, we have air conditioning...but haven't used it yet. Our flat stays pretty cool with fans. Put a fan on Seth when he is helps.

Maybe there would be a time to connect before I leave... you need to call me, I don't have your number 06.30.371.8018

Michelle said...

We'll be heading to Eger today and I believe the guesthouse where we're staying has AC! I was just thinking about that this moring. Funny that that will be a highlight of our trip!

Did we decide on a day to have dinner together? Don't rule out lunch if that's easier.