Saturday, June 14, 2008

fun summer days

We have had some busy fun days now that school is out.

We went on a driving adventure to the 17th district on Thursday to pick up a chair from someone moving back to the US. For those of you who don't know, the 17th district is quite far from us, and it wouldn't have taken as long as it had if we didn't have bumper-to-bumper traffic FOREVER!!! It took us over 2 hours, but the good news is that we picked up the chair and it is now sitting nicely in our living room. Another plus from the trip for us is that I realized that Nusi lived there, and so now we know how to drive to her house!!! Our friend Heidi went with us in hopes of getting a bed from this missionary, but it wouldn't fit into the van. Bummer for her about that, but we did enjoy spending time with her. Our anticipated 3 hour excursion took nearly 6 hours altogether, but we had fun and learned more ways of getting around this city.

Today we spent the day in Budapest with Audrey, and we also met up with Nusi for a bit. We had another nice day riding public and walking around the city. We packed a lunch to eat but ended up staying into the evening and so we even got to eat at Pizza Hut for dinner! We hadn't been there since before Seth was born, and it was a good taste of home. :)

Speaking of home, check out this picture...

Weren't there all of those painted cows as pieces of artwork around Chicago?! We found one on Vaci today, and I had to get my picture taken next to it. And there was major construction going on down there. I wanted to take a picture of what it looked like, but I already looked like a tourist having my picture taken with the cow, so I didn't.

But then I saw this and had to take a picture of it...

An old Trabant car, common decades ago during the Communist era. These cars are not rare finds here. Actually, our neighbor has one, and I can hear it coming from a mile away. The reason why I took a picture of this one was because of the packaging tape used to "patch" the roof of the car. Never seen that before!

Anyway, we had a wonderful time in the city today. Seth was an amazing kid as usual. He was in his stroller for hours and hours and hours, and he didn't complain one bit until the last ten minutes before we got home. And he will be officially crawling any day now. He is figuring it out quickly. Gotta start putting things up!


Stefanie said...

I remember those cows in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

that purse/diaper bag/suitcase is half the size of you!